About Us

Our Law Firm , founded in Istanbul in 1994, continues its activities in Maslak, the center of business world. We provide counseling and consulting services in the field of Health, Insurance and Commercial Law related cases and disputes with our expert and experienced staff.

Our Law Firm specializes  in health law, advocating physicians, health workers and health care organizations. We have a rich data base in Health Law, and receive technical support from specialist and consulting physicians in all branches.

We have developed successful projects in the sector by integrating our  experience and expertise in insurance law into Health Law.

With more than 20 years of experience in insurance sector and related fields , we have a dynamic staff that follow the developments in legislation and legal opinions of courts , experienced in the types of cases encountered, knowledgeable about the problems in implementation.  

We are a law firm that strengthen its corporate structure, renew its technological infrastructure constantly, provide sustainable high quality service through data security and archiving protocols and develop these qualities. We will continue to produce fast, effective and technology-intensive solutions suitable for business life with our lawyers and professional staff who improve their professional skills continuously.

Our Service Philosophy

Rule of Love

We believe that the protection of individual fundamental rights and freedoms is the only guarantee of law, and that the level of development of a society can only be evaluated by the importance given to the rule of law.

Commitment to Ethical Values

While providing legal service, it is our principle to contribute to our clients’ quest for their rights and justice, by offering all our professional knowledge and experience with the framework of professional honor and ethics.

Flexibility and Alternative Resolutions

We try to approach the legal problems with alternative methods of resolution, knowing that common sense decision making systems should take place of narrowly framed, constrained and one-sided viewpoint in the resolution of conflicts.

Protective Law

We believe that the most healthy approach in law is to establish legal relations on a concrete base and to take precautions before problems arise. We are particularly careful to emphasize the importance of protective law to the people and organizations we provide consultancy services.

Confidentiality of Data and Information (Data Protection)

We are committed to providing quality service to our clients in various sectors with our knowledgeable and ethics-conscious staff. Our law firm believes that all kinds of information related to commercial and private life should be kept confidential and carefully protected.

Practice Areas

Health Law

Hanyaloglu-Acar Law Office is a reputable law firm known for its expert lawyers and physician consultants with high experience. Our Law Firm represents its clients in legal and criminal cases arising from allegations of malpractice during the fulfillment of healthcare service. In the field of Healthcare Law, we have a wide range of data on healthcare law related to the lawsuits followed. Our Law Firm provides legal services by  dynamic lawyers who closely follow the recent changes in legislation, jurisprudence and legislation in Healthcare law. We  provide consultancy and medicolegal reporting services in the formation of the defense strategy as well as representing the physicians and healthcare institutions in the cases of material and moral indemnities filed against healthcare workers and healthcare institutions.

Our legal services include informing physicians about coverage of Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice Insurance, inclusion of their policies in defense, activating the rights stemming from the claims in compensation claims, and legal consultancy services offered to healthcare  workers.

In the compensation claims stemming from  the responsibilities of private healthcare institutions, we established the malpractice evaluation boards and so we were able to steer  the service policies of the healthcare institution. In this context, our law firm  is actively involved as a solution focused firm on the management process of compensation claims based on the malpractice allegations. 

Preparing hospital occupational liability insurance policies, solution proposals and project work that can eliminate high costs and preventive legal measures for legislation and implementation are among the services offered to the hospitals. 

Our Law Firm provides training seminars for  healthcare institutions and their employees to inform them properly  about malpractice. 

Preparation of contracts between healthcare institutions and their employees and the resolution of disputes between the parties are the main services provided in the field of health law.

Insurance Law

Our Law Firm is serving the leading insurance companies in Turkey for many years, with high quality of service and high reputation.

For more than twenty years in the insurance law legal field we continue providing our legal activities with our experienced experts and experienced professionals, following litigation processes and assisting in legal matters  as well as being a solution partner within the scope of special insurance projects  

We have competent staff and extensive experience in analyzing and resolving disputes within the scope of professional liability insurances.

In compensation claims arising against physicians and health institutions due to Compulsory Financial Accountability Policies regarding Medical Malpractice; Legal assistance, risk analysis and medicolegal reporting services are provided by expert lawyers and physician consultants in malpractice cases against insurance companies.

In addition to analyzing and reporting the current legal status, general insurance  policy conditions and coverage, we provide legal assistance to insurance companies in accordance with the requirements of the management of litigation and settlement processes.

Counseling services are provided for the legal process management of the lawsuits filed against the physician or the hospital, the use and evaluation of the Compulsory Financial Accountability Laws related to Medical Bad Practice and Professional Responsibility Policies in the legal procedure.

Counseling services are provided for the legal process management of the lawsuits filed against the physician or the hospital and the use and evaluation of the Compulsory Financial Accountability Laws related to Medical Bad Practice and Professional Responsibility Policies in the legal procedure.

We provide legal assistance for legal recourse cases arising from insurance contracts, follow-up of the arbitration procedure and management of the settlement process . Legal services to insurance companies  for the portfolio compensation arising from the termination of agency agreements are also within our expertise.

In case of damages claims related to personal injury claims, we prepare  legal opinion for the responsible parties’ culpability percentages, amount of damage to be determined, the rate of disability and compensation under the General Conditions of Policies.

In line with these evaluations, the case and the settlement process are governed by our law firm.

Employer’s financial liability In compensation claims arising from the Policies, the examination of the accident, the analysis of the employer’s activity area in terms of accident conditions, compensation assessment, consultancy and insurance counseling services are provided for the assessment of the content and conditions of the controversial cases against the employer and the execution of the cases.

Labor Law 

Our Law Firm provides counseling services and following-up of the cases to real or legal persons arising from the Labor Law.

We provide consulting services for the fulfillment of the requirements of the Labor Law legislation, elimination of deficiencies in this issue, regulation of the employment practices and  contracts, preparation of the workplace regulations. In addition to counseling services, we provide counseling services for settlement of disputes that may arise without being transferred to the court, and legal services in disputes that are brought to court.

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

In the case of contractwise, tort and other legal disputes; We are involved in investigations and prosecutions, providing legal advice to a wide range of business life related legal  issues including liability, financial enforcement, bankruptcy, administrative and tax disputes to our clients operating in various sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, manufacturing and retail.